Recipes and kitchen tips for rural America

The Joy of Cheesemaking

By Jody M. Farnham and Marc Druart

An artisan cheesemaker discusses her culinary journey and explains that you don’t have to be a pro to experience the joy of cheesemaking.

Orange Rolls Recipe

Edited By Melinda Keefe and Kari Cornell

This Orange Rolls Recipe from 1932 is a crowd-pleaser.

Lamb Curry Recipe

Edited By Melinda Keefe and Kari Cornell

This Lamb Curry Recipe is simplified by using prepackaged curry powder.

Recipes for the Farmer’s Wife

Edited By Melinda Keefe and Kari Cornell

Get timeless recipes perfect for the farmer’s wife.


Best Summer Barbecue Recipes

By GRIT staff

Celebrate the season with our Best Summer Barbecue Recipes.

Rendering Animal Fats - Tallow

By Meg with Modern Roots

Purchasing tallow rendered can be costly if you need it in bulk or like to have a large supply on hand so I render my own. Here's the process to render any animal fat that you need :)

Strawberry Jam and Raspberry Custard

By Vern

This ten year old remembers spending time in Mom's kitchen as she prepares the most wonderful desserts from fresh fruit.

Best Tomato Recipes

By GRIT staff

Take advantage of summer's candy with our best tomato recipes.