Very Simple Homemade Cheese

| 1/17/2012 7:55:51 PM

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This is a yummy, very simple recipe to make homemade cheese. It is a crumbly cheese,  and is great in salads and stir-fry! Anyone can make this. There is no special equipment required.

Let me just say here that I strongly advocate the use of whole, raw milk, or as I prefer to call it, REAL milk, instead of "fake" milk, aka, that other stuff that most all grocery stores carry, but either one will work. ( The argument for why raw milk is better is a whole other blog entry!)  

 Milk in heavy pan

To start, you simply pour your milk into a heavy saucepan and heat on the stove top on medium heat.

As far as amount of milk, you can use any amount from about a quart up to gallons if you want. There is no specific measurement here. The more milk you use, the more cheese you get. The ultimate goal is to separate the curds from the whey, the curds being the cheese.

Heat the milk on medium heat, stirring occasionally, till it starts to simmer. At this point you are going to add something to separate the milk. You can use a couple things to do this. Vinegar works well, but I like to use lemon juice. I use the bottled stuff, but freshly squeazed would work as well. 

Lori Dunn
2/3/2012 5:07:00 PM

Hi Ronda! So glad you found what you were looking for. This particular cheese really is easy to make. I'm all about keeping things as simple as possible!

2/3/2012 4:11:01 PM

This is exactly the article on cheese making I had hoped to find! You made it sound so easy, and I believe it's just like my mother used to do it. I should have learned years ago!

Lori Dunn
1/27/2012 12:05:18 AM

Thanks for this info! I didn't know!

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