The Joy of Cheesemaking

An artisan cheesemaker discusses her culinary journey and explains that you don’t have to be a pro to experience the joy of cheesemaking.

| July 2013

The Joy of Cheesemaking (Skyhorse Publishing, 2011), by Jody M. Farnham and Marc Druart, offers easy-to-understand instructions for how to make cheese. Beautifully illustrated with gorgeous photographs, this comprehensive guide includes a basic overview of cheese manufacturing and aging, from the raw ingredients to the final product. The clear guidance and convenient glossary allow the reader to learn all about cheese, from creating to choosing it, as well as pairing it with the right wines. The following excerpt comes from the introduction. 

You can purchase this book at the GRIT store: The Joy of Cheesemaking.

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Marc Druart and I come from very different backgrounds. We weren’t even born on the same continent or in the same decade. But working together, developing programs, instructing and coordinating the practical science needed in teaching students how to make cheese, we have discovered that: Cheese is cheese the world over.

You love it or you hate it (and I haven’t met too many cheese haters). The students who have attended classes at the Institute over the years have shown us a diversity of professional backgrounds. They come from all walks of life seeking to learn the science and the art of cheesemaking. From career changers like brain surgeons and art historians, to chefs looking to add cheesemaking to their growing list of on-farm restaurant practices, they all want to learn how to make cheese.

I’m a child of the sixties, born and raised here in Vermont in the mythic place known as suburbia. On any given evening there would be forty-eight kids on my block showing up to play kick-the-can. I had five siblings, and I knew cheese as Kraft American slices sandwiched between two pieces of Wonder Bread and grilled.

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