Super Bowl Food: Veggie Pizza

| 1/31/2012 4:02:20 PM

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  Veggie Pizza 

Here’s an idea for a great party snack for the Super Bowl, or anytime! This recipe combines two previous recipes I’ve given in recent blog entries. The first thing you’ll want to make is the Herb Bread dough. Make as the recipe calls for, but when it’s ready to bake, spread out as pizza dough on pizza pan or stone. This won’t take quite as long to bake as the bread, Bake for about 25 to 30 minutes at 350 degrees. It may take less time depending on your oven. When it’s finished, let it cool. When I baked mine, my crust got really thick and I was afraid it wouldn’t hold all the toppings I wanted to put on, so I sliced the whole top of my crust off. This is a judgment call, so if you think yours is too thick, slice away! There would probably be enough dough to divide and make two pizzas if you wish. If you slice, just lay the top aside for now.

Herb Bread as Pizza Dough 

On top of the crust I spread an 8 ounce package of cream cheese that I beat with the mixer, adding a little of my own Italian dressing to make it creamy and easy to spread.  Next you will want to chop up your toppings. I used broccoli, onions, tomatoes and my own  Homemade Cheese .

Chopped Pizza Toppings      

  You could use any number of toppings with this, so get creative! Whatever you choose, just sprinkle your chopped toppings over the cream cheese. That’s it, ready to cut and eat! This was a very big hit with everyone that tried it!

cindy murphy
2/6/2012 1:32:03 PM

A picture of Mom's Salisbury steak?! In one of your upcoming posts?! Mom would have been tickled. I'd have to tease her, of course...."Hey, Mom! Guess what? A photo of "YOUR" Salisbury steak is on the Internet; it's practically famous!" She'd smile and say glad you liked the recipe....then ask how the picture got up on the screen. She never did understand computers, the Internet to her was foreign territory, then I'd had to go into a big long explanation about how it works which would be met with a 'can you fix the remote for the T.V; it doesn't work anymore and you're so good with computers'. I'd then change the batteries. Makes me laugh just thinking about it. Thanks for the morning smile, Lori, and glad you and hubs liked the recipe.

lori dunn
2/2/2012 8:06:06 PM

Cindy, What a great idea to use olive oil to make the croutons! I can't believe I hadn't thought of that. Olive oil is pretty much the only oil I use for cooking, besides butter or lard. I made your mama's Salisbury Steak! It was very good, hubs approved, and I'll be including a picture in one of my upcoming blog posts!

cindy murphy
2/2/2012 7:21:01 PM

Lori! You are killing me with all these food posts lately! Oh my, oh my, that pizza looks good. I love the idea of the cream cheese/Italian dressing no-bake toppings. Definitely high on my list to try. I've done the croutons thing before many thing I've found that's a bit less messy than buttering the bread on both sides then tearing or cutting into pieces, is to put the (non-buttered) bread pieces into a bowl and drizzle olive oil and herbs over the top. Just mix well with a spoon until it's all coated then broil as usual. Thanks for another great sounding recipe to try!

lori dunn
2/1/2012 12:46:40 AM

Nebraska Dave, You let the dough rise once, then punch it down and put it on the pizza pan, let it rise a little again and then bake. That is all the baking. It's not meant to be hot. I'm not really that into football for the most part, but I do like to watch the Super Bowl. I usually choose one of the teams to cheer for and enjoy. It's more about the commercials, and having a good time for us.

nebraska dave
1/31/2012 11:58:14 PM

Lori, wait the only baking is to bake the pizza crust? Just put the topping on, slice, and eat? You are making it so hard to say no to these recipes. Even for an old bachelor like me. I have one question about the pizza dough. Do you let it raise twice like the bread? Pizza is a favorite food for Super Bowl that's for sure. However, the party I go to every year is a chili and BBQ rib feast. I am not a fan of professional football and go to the super bowl party to catch up on what's been happening in the other retired folks lives over the last year. It doesn't matter who wins or loses. It's all about the million dollar commercials. Right? I can see how this works. One recipe builds on another and all fits together. Very nice concept. Have a great day in the kitchen.

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