Strawberry Fields (Forever, I hope)

| 4/28/2010 11:55:31 AM

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We woke up early and headed out to Twin Oaks Family Fun Farm to pick a few pounds of fresh strawberries to make both quick and easy jam as well as to preserve for future deserts when the season is long gone.

4/30/2010 7:35:34 AM

@Hank Will - the video was my pleasure. I am hoping to make another one today as I am going to attempt fresh, homemade bread today...for the FIRST TIME! If nothing else it will be a comic delight! hahahaha

hank will_2
4/29/2010 4:29:09 PM

Drew -- I am definitely going to try that with my partner in culinary crime when the berries come in. We just got a new chest freezer so we can fill it with all kinds of excellent eats. Cool on the video too and congrats for being the first to use the new blogging system's video widget ... Thanks, Hank

4/29/2010 8:45:38 AM

@Dave - I try, I try. Actually I have just had a lot of material going out lately and I can't think of a better place to share it than on GRIT. Yeah, the jam is super easy. Even I can do it! hahahahah. U-Pick places are so much fun and the people are generally some of the best around. Keep watching for yet another kind of drew!

nebraska dave
4/28/2010 10:50:46 PM

Drew, You have been prolific with posting this week. Easy strawberry jam is actually easy. Imagine that. It’s so easy that even an old guy from Nebraska could do it. That was quite the strawberry patch that you picked your strawberries from. I think there might be pick your own strawberries here too. I just might have to look into that after watching your video. Of course it’s not strawberry pickin’ time here yet. My uncle used to buy strawberries by the gallon. In those days people couldn’t afford big storage freezers at home so they rented lockers in town to store there frozen food. I remember making those trips to the freezer lockers on a weekly basis just like shopping at a grocery store. It’s quite amazing how things have changed in 50 years. I don’t have freezer space to store things long term. I just don’t trust the power grid that much so most of my storage is in jars or dried beans and rice. Thanks for sharing your strawberry jam making video.

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