Spinach and zucchini lasagne rollups

| 10/17/2012 11:03:46 AM

We grill vegetables all the time on our outside grill. They make a wonderful accompaniment to salmon, chicken, and beef. I always cook extra vegetables, thinking that I can use them in casseroles, fried rice, and other meals. Dave likes grilled vegetables, but he's not exactly keen on meals made entirely from vegetables.

Conversation between me and Dave :

Dave: What's for dinner?

Libby: I'm going to take those grilled vegetables we had last night, and put them in some pasta.

Dave: Make sure you put in lots of garlic. And meat.

Libby: Garlic, yes.  Meat, no.  There's plenty of protein already.  You don't need meat with this.

Allen Vicki Cochrane
10/26/2012 11:43:37 PM

This sounds fabulous!!!! Will make it tomorrow evening. YUMMMMM

Lisa Reinstein
10/21/2012 11:23:52 AM

Can I freeze this?

10/20/2012 4:57:06 AM

Libby and Dave, I'm with Dave on this one. Everything tastes better with bacon on it. Aaaah, well cheese works for me as well. Well .... almost everything. The promotional bacon Sunday from Burger King was not a real great tasting thing. Icecream, chocolate sauce, and bacon just didn't go together real well. I did try it but only once. We here in Nebraska do like our meat potatoes and corn. :0) Have a great vegetable Lasagne day.