Snow Ice Cream: I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Snow Scream!

| 2/16/2010 12:04:01 PM

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A photo of Drew OdomFully 49 states received snowfall in the last week. Even rural Georgia – Odom’s Idle Acres – found itself covered in 4 inches of beautiful, powdery, Bing Crosby song-inspiring snow. For most it is just an excuse for a day off work or out of school or a reason to slick up the garbage can lid and head for the nearest hill. But for those who see snow as an epicurious test to our homesteading skills it is the perfect reason to make up a batch of Snow Cream.

Snow Cream is akin to ice cream tasting almost as good but definitely twice as much to make. Not to mention the way mother nature does most of the work as opposed to a more traditional method of freezing a custard mix as a first step.

Gathering snow

So how do we make this Snow Cream? It’s really quite easy. Needing only a little dairy, some sugar and vanilla flavoring/extract, the largest ingredient is just outside the front door: fresh snow.

Word to the wise, DO NOT try to use snow that is within footsteps of your coop or in the goat pen or where your dog typically finds respite.

But why does snow lend itself to this treatment? Well, let’s think about ice cream for a second. Ice cream is basically a collection of tiny frozen crystals of milk/egg/vanilla/sugar beaten together with air. Snow is fluffy frozen water crystals. So it would serve to reason that all we need to do is add the flavor to try and match one of Baskin-Robbins 31.

oz girl
2/20/2010 3:36:43 PM

Andrew, I must admit I never heard of snow cream. Sheltered life I guess. Haha. Personally, after two trips back to Ohio in the last month and all their snowstorms, I've had more than enough snow to last me this season... we've had a very mild snow season this year in south central Kansas. And I'm not complainin'!!! But I will keep your snow cream recipe in mind if we get slugged with a good storm before winter's end. And I'll remember to grab a big bowl of clean, fresh snow. Far away from where the horses and the dogs go poo. :-)

2/17/2010 8:43:25 PM

I tried this today, but I think our snow is too icy right now (it's been hovering around 35-40 degrees for a few days). Or maybe I needed more sugar--yes, more sugar is often the key! I'll try again after a fresh snow.

2/17/2010 9:42:11 AM

@Cindy - To be honest, I was quite comfortable INSIDE and then my wife asked me to go get a bowl of snow. I wasn't gonna get dressed just for that so I just put on my boots and headed out. Thank you for the compliments on my tat. It is one of many (shhhhhh....our secret!) Your daughters sound like a blast! hahahahaha. Now, go get some vanilla for goodness sake.

cindy murphy
2/17/2010 9:09:29 AM

Andrew! What the heck are you doing outside in the middle of February with snow on the ground wearing shorts and a t-shirt! Have you lost your mind?! Oh, wait....flashback to a conversation I had last week with my teenage daughter, only it involved socks and flip-flops. Nice tat, btw. My other daughter (the one who actually wears boots and snowpants) has been making snow-cream all winter - her own version of it anyway. We didn't have any vanilla in the house the first time, so like mother like daughter, she improvised and used pancake syrup. She just grabs a bowl, fills it with snow, adds a few swirls of syrup, and covers it with chocolate sprinkles. I can't watch; its make my adult palate go "bluck". Your way sound a whole lot better. Cindy ~ Reminding self to get vanilla at the grocery

2/16/2010 7:26:01 PM

And now you have brought back a memory for me Vickie. When I was growing up my family had a reunion every 4th of July and we would make homemade ice cream in an old, wooden hand crank tub. I am not sure if it was the fresh ingredients or the Georgia heat or the sweetness of family but it was more delicious than any store bought ice cream I have ever had!

2/16/2010 7:13:41 PM

Andrew, We used to make snow ice cream when I was a kid, we actually put it in a hand cranked ice cream machine. We thought it tasted wonderful and it was a lot of fun. Thanks for the memories vickie

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