Searching for a Special Chicken Salad Recipe

Welcome to the first post in our new Recipe Box blog! We receive so many requests for recipes that we’re unable to print everything in the magazine. We often run out of space, which means we can’t print responses to every request that we’ve printed. All of which results in a frown on our faces.

In an effort to battle time and space, we’ve decided to publish a request here, probably once or twice a week, and ask our readers to help us provide a more timely response to people searching for recipes.

So here goes!

Ellen Davidson, King William, Virginia, remembers the chicken salad that was a hit at the Starving Artist Café in Abingdon, Virginia. According to the café menu, the salad was “a chunky blend of diced chicken, celery, English walnuts and seedless grapes tossed with our own famous dressing.” No details on the dressing. The café has since closed, and Ellen would love to have the recipe. Can anyone help?

If you’re new to the Recipe Box universe, here’s the scoop.

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If you’re looking for a long-lost recipe, send your request via e-mail or mail it to my attention.

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Mailed recipes cannot be returned, as they are eventually sent to the person who made the original request. Recipe requests and responses will be printed at our discretion and as space allows. Addresses are not printed to allow GRIT the opportunity to publish recipes before sending them on to the requesting party.

Thanks for helping out Ellen with her request and thank you for helping make Recipe Box a success!