Wild Game Wednesday: Wild Turkey Stir Fry

| 1/27/2015 2:50:00 PM

Caitlin EthridgeWelcome to the first edition of Wild Game Wednesday!

Since my husband is such an avid hunter & fisherman, we live throughout the year on venison, turkey, dove and fish (and whatever else he drags in). It's so nice to always have meat in the freezer that I know hasn't been processed and pumped full of hormones.

It's also a huge money saver. (Seriously, I've only bought ground beef once in the almost four years that we have been married!)

Tonight I pulled some turkey out of the freezer from back in the spring and grabbed the veggies I had laying around to throw together a quick stir fry.

Wild Turkey Stir Fry
Delicious wild turkey stir fry.

I love a quick and healthy meal so I thought I would share the recipe with you:

1/29/2015 11:37:37 AM

Caitlin, welcome to the GRIT blogging community. It's awesome that you can use all the meat from your husband's hunting to live through out the entire year without store bought meat. I was never a hunter and fishing is so restricted with how many can be in possession. Fishing here in Nebraska has many drawbacks. The biggest is that much of the farmland run off drains into the small water shed lakes and the rivers. Since Nebraska is a major big agriculture state, lots of chemicals are in the run off and end up in the lakes and rivers. The corps of Engineers say that the fish from these waters are perfectly safe to eat but I have my doubts about that so I stay away from eating them. ***** Have great foraging the freezer for wild meat day.