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| 3/31/2014 8:36:00 AM

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Another Snowy Day on the Farm

Marlena Chestnut ShifflettSince the winter weather doesn’t look to be approaching an end anytime soon, now is the time to experiment in the kitchen before the work of summer begins. Looking for something to do with the excess raw milk in the fridge, I quickly came across a recipe for ricotta cheese, but it required citric acid, which is not something that I keep around the house, nor is it something that I would choose to work with if a natural alternative is available. After a little digging, I found just that; the same basic recipe with white vinegar instead of citric acid. For my first attempt in cheese making, this seemed like the perfect recipe. Though I found the finished product to be a little bland, I added some salt, sundried tomatoes from last year’s garden, and basil – it was delicious! I can’t wait to use this in some homemade ravioli. As an added bonus, and in the spirit of not wasting a thing, the whey that is drained away from the cheese can be used instead of water in making bread. I put mine in the freezer for the next time I feel like baking.


2 quarts whole milk

3 tablespoons white vinegar

Herbs, spices, and other addition,s as desired

4/2/2014 8:13:29 AM

That looks amazing! I didn't realize when you were telling me about it thursday that it was that easy. Since I don't have access to fresh milk…Do you know if you can make it with store bought whole milk? Anyway, awesome job dear! I'm thinking homemade ravioli sounds pretty awesome our next girls day… :D

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