Roasted Golden Beet Soup

| 3/17/2014 3:58:00 PM

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Country CookingI thought I never liked beets. The only beets I knew from childhood were pickled beets (I honestly didn’t know they came any other way). Or maybe I was traumatized by beets.

Here’s how it happened. We had a metal food storage cabinet in our kitchen where we kept canned goods and most other foods. One afternoon my sister Jackie opened the cabinet to look for a snack, hanging on the handles, and the whole cabinet pitched slightly forward. Jars of pickled beets smashed to the floor, and there stood Jackie, arms outstretched, screaming, covered with red fluid. It was like the movie “Carrie.” I jumped out of my skin, too, but she was little and had thought all the broken glass meant she was covered with blood. She wasn’t even cut; the beet juice had splashed all over her.

Charlie and Jackie, 1970s

So as an adult when I was at a party, I took an appetizer off of a tray, thinking how clever it was that they had roasted chunks of purple potatoes. It was delicious. I commented on it and someone said, “That’s not a potato, that’s a beet.”

Cautiously I began to eat beets – only roasted, mind you, not the evil pickled kind. Once I moved to Chicago, I found “golden beets” in the grocery store. I read about them on my phone right there at the store and found they were “milder” than red beets. They do have a different taste, even when roasted, and are sometimes even almost orange in color.

Golden beets are one of my go-to side dishes for entertaining, since they only need to be roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper and still taste like something that has a secret recipe.

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