Recipe Box: Sweet Potato Cake Recipe and More

Please your guests with new cake and cookie recipes containing varied ingredients from navy beans to sweet potatoes to oatmeal.

| March/April 2015

  • A cake recipe that uses leftover sweet potatoes.
    Photo by Lori Dunn
  • Coconut and walnuts top this oatmeal cake.
    Photo by Lori Dunn

Cakes and Cookies Recipes

Sweet Potato Cake Recipe
Oatmeal Cake Recipe With Coconut and Walnut Frosting
Navy Bean-Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe
Manor Bakery Applesauce Cake Recipe
Poke Cake Recipe
Applesauce Cake Recipe
Japanese Fruitcake Recipe

Desserts for Any Occasion

Cakes and cookies make excellent dessert choices. Your favorite recipe — whether it be on a recipe card or in a favorite cookbook — is undoubtedly splattered with cake batter or smeared with melted chocolate chips, and slightly stained, if the truth be known.

Perhaps it’s time to branch out and try some new recipes. Who knows? Your family and friends may find a new favorite they will clamor for at those rowdy potlucks.

Sweet potatoes are chock-full of nutrients, and while the sugar in the following cake recipe may negate this trait, they are low on the glycemic index. And here’s something you may not know: Sweet potatoes aren’t really potatoes. (For more on the sweet potato, check out Heirloom Varieties Perfect for Planting Sweet Potatoes.) The sweet potato is actually a member of the morning glory family, Ipomoea batatas, while the white potato (Solanum tuberosum) is a member of the nightshade family. I. batatas is native to the Americas with earliest known cultivation at around 2500 B.C. in Peru. So the plant was well-established in the 1400s when Columbus arrived, and when he returned to Europe, he took the vegetable with him. It quickly became a delicacy. 

As a side note, researchers now believe that the sweet potato made its way from South America to South Pacific islands several hundred years before Columbus crossed the Atlantic.

George Washington grew sweet potatoes at Mount Vernon. Decades later, George Washington Carver not only developed myriad uses for the peanut, he did the same for the sweet potato, developing 118 products.

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