Pan Check and Meatloaf

| 8/21/2015 1:34:00 PM

Connie MooreA terrified look crept over my husband’s face as he stood in the kitchen. It was his, “Oh no, she’s getting ready for a garage sale” look.

My son took a more positive take on the counters filled with every pan we own. “No, I think she might be going into one of her marathon baking moods.” He wished!

Actually, I was taking the advice of an article in the May 1949 issue of Successful Farming Magazine. Titled “Baking Failures May be the Pans You Use,” the article explained the intricate value of a shiny, no-dent, no-rust pan for baking ribbon winning cakes and pies.

As I set about examining each pan, memories crept into the kitchen like a midnight refrigerator raid. Most of my pans have been with me since we got married 42 years ago and some before that. A number were given to me by elderly friends who wanted their “best pans” to be passed on to somebody who would use them.

pans in the kitchen | Fotolia/ketrik17

Photo: Fotolia/ketrik17