My Fruitcake Adventure

| 12/13/2013 8:56:00 AM

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Country MoonAs Jim rummaged through some of his mother’s mementos, he ran across the fruitcake recipe her mother’s mother’s mother – I think – used to make. He asked, “Do you think we could try and make a batch?”

My first thought was of those pretty little tins with the cakes inside that nobody really likes to eat. But then I was informed that there’s fruitcake and then there’s FRUITCAKE! So, we decided to try a batch.

The first task was to try and decipher the recipe. I didn’t have a clue how much a shot glass of whiskey equaled in cups, and the measurements for dry ingredients were listed in pounds. A conversion chart would help with this challenge, but then I had to actually figure out what some of the ingredients were. Citron and glazed – not candied – fruit had never been a staple in my pantry.

With nearly $100 worth of glazed fruit, dried fruit and nuts, I was ready to start. I proceeded to dump all the fruit, nuts, coconut and jelly together, adding just enough flour so everything wouldn’t stick together in a clump. I graduated to larger mixing bowls three times until I had my extra large mixing bowl brimming with fruit and nuts.

The Fruit and the Batter

Making the batter was actually a cinch although I couldn’t possible see how the small bowl of batter would be enough to mix with all the fruit and nuts. But, after a lot of elbow grease to mix everything, I had 26 little loaf pans sitting on the counter waiting to become little fruitcakes. This was eight pans more than my oven would accommodate, so I baked them in two batches.

11/11/2014 7:14:58 AM

I am one those who a good home made fruit cake. My recipe is similar to yours though I use Amaretto instead of the whiskey. Never thought to use whiskey - may try that this year! Thanks for sharing!

12/14/2013 8:35:43 AM

Lois, I'm glad your fruitcake adventure turn out so good. It would have been an expensive failure for sure. Lots of jokes have been made about commercial fruit cakes. I suppose just like every thing else that's been commercialized some thing gets lost when more care is given to transportation and shelf life in the store than taste. I'm not sure how they even sell those in the big box store. ***** Have a great fruitcake day.

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