More Sweet Berry Recipes

| 6/9/2016 10:25:00 AM

Connie Moorebasket of berries

We firmly believe there can never be too many strawberry recipes. After a day or two of fresh eating, that is, rinsed and popped in the mouth with nary a guilty twinge, we start looking for those stand-by recipes to use quart after quart of the crimson, sweet berries.

Most strawberry aficionados eat a good portion for breakfast-smoothies, cereal topping, French toast or pancake garnish. But how about an omelet stuffed with the bright red fruit? Actually it is very good.

Want something light and refreshing for lunch or a snack? You can’t go wrong with berry salsa. Slice a handful for a fruity edge to that green salad. Not enough apples for a bowl of Waldorf salad? Throw in some of those fresh berries.

In days gone by, a bowl of broken soda crackers and berries was a common dish of delicious proportions. A strawberry fool or frozen sherbet was enjoyed by all when hot summer evenings demanded a cool dessert.

So then, let’s get down to the cooking and eating of those wonderful strawberries, now that we’re “knee-deep in June” (James Whitcomb Riley).