How to Make Perfectly Creamy Homemade Ice Cream

| 6/27/2014 9:01:00 AM

Life and Adventures at Diamond W RanchSummer is here, the Fourth of July is almost upon us, and nothing says summer and the Fourth like ice cream! Even better is homemade ice cream! I fondly remember summers past of family gatherings, picnics, barbecues, and the much-anticipated meal-finale of homemade ice cream.


Brown Bread Ice Cream

We had an electric ice cream maker, the kind that has the bucket-like container cradling a metal container inside, with a motor on top that made a distinct, loud, whirring noise. The ice cream was placed in the metal container, the metal container was placed inside the bucket, the bucket was filled with ice and salt, the motor whirred on top and in an hour or so ... ice cream! It was magic!

The only complaint I had with homemade ice cream was the texture. It always seemed to be too soft and grainy. I always believed it was just because it was homemade, and that the commercially produced products had some secret ingredient or massive machine-produced process that made store-bought ice cream seem so much, well ... better.

However, now I know this is not the case. I have learned how to make the most incredible, creamy, better-than-store-bought ice cream; with no artificial or weird ingredients! And it is a relatively simple process! Here's how: