Hot and Cold of January

| 1/29/2016 11:25:00 AM

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 Connie Moorered amarillis blooms

In the coolest area next to icy-cold windows, amaryllis bloom. They make a refreshing statement as to the strength of warm over cold. Hyacinth bulbs are chilling out in the back of the fridge, waiting for their February warm–up in a pot of soil on the counter next to the amaryllis.

Birds have been fed numerous times, while squirrels scrounge below, wanting so badly to climb the cold metal sleeve on the feeder pole but knowing from past experience it is futile. Cold air swirls their fur as they move.

An apple barn aroma permeates the cold back porch as boxes of Arkansas Black apples lay waiting in their wrappings for a chance to be hot apple crisp or pie or a sweet covering for pancakes. The pancake batter is mixed and waiting for the hot griddle.

A typical January Saturday has begun with its division of hots and colds. It seems the month is all about hot versus cold with only a thin wall or door or a few minutes on an oven timer to keep them apart.

Like most others, our family likes to keep cold outdoors and hot inside, preferably in the form of nourishment. So, here are two reader’s choices from years past. (My At Home column has been in print for 20 years so reader favorites are cooked up often.)

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