Drowning in Tomatoes

| 9/8/2014 11:17:00 AM

April FreemanBy this time of year, the garden is pretty much done. The corn is gone and the cows have eaten the stalks. The green beans, tired from the heat and dry weather, are shriveled down to just a few stems.

The potatoes and sweet potatoes are finishing up their growing season, and will soon be dug from the ground.

However, the peppers and tomatoes didn't get the memo that the growing season is about over. These prolific veggies will yield their fruit right up until frost, if you are careful to keep them watered during dry spells.


Unfortunately, by this time, many of us gardeners are just about tired of peppers and tomatoes. We've been scalding and sealing them in jars for weeks, if not months, and many of us are just ready to be done with them.

However, I just can't stand to see good veggies go to waste. Other than just feeding them to chickens and cows, making salsa is a wonderful way to make use of those excess peppers and tomatoes. Salsa freezes very well, so you can have the taste of summer in the dead of winter.

9/9/2014 9:46:21 AM

April, unfortunately we, in Nebraska, don't share your gut of tomatoes. We've had such lousy weather that the tomatoes barely produced enough for fresh eating. Same with the green peppers. Our summer was extremely wet and cold. Not good for any warm weather crops. My focus this year has been mainly on building garden fences and rebuilding raised beds. It's why I preserve for two years and have enough in my storage room to last at least half way through the winter. It wasn't a total loss as the potatoes look good as well as onions, cabbage, lettuce, and radishes. Eggplant did well this year too. ***** Have a great harvest/preserving day.