DIY Ricotta Cheese Recipe

Learn to make this versatile ricotta cheese, capable for use in dishes that are sweet and savory.

By Ricki Carroll and Sarah Carroll
August 2018

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Say Cheese! (Storey Publishing, 2018) by Ricki Carroll and Sarah Carroll is a guide to cheese making packed with step-by-step photos, fun facts, and instructions for teaching kids the magic of kitchen chemistry and lifelong cooking skills.  Kids learn about cheese history, about animals that make cheese possible, and uncover the science behind cheese making through recipes from around the world including ricotta, feta, and cream cheese.

You can purchase this book from the Grit store: Say Cheese!

Soft, white, and delicious, it is often used in lasagna and stuffed-pasta dishes such as manicotti, but it can also be sweetened for desserts. Ricotta comes from southern Italy, where it was traditionally made from the whey left over after cheese making. The leftover whey was “recooked” to produce a delicious ricotta, which explains the name.