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| 1/3/2018 8:45:00 AM

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Connie Moore 

Bread: it’s the staff of life and a dieter’s downfall. How can something so ancient and basic, so nourishing and comforting, be the thing that makes one cave in and consume quantities beyond calories and slices a hundredfold beyond reason?

It is said our breads today do not in any way resemble breads of ancient times. Basic breads were made of stone-ground grains, water, natural airborne yeast and salt. That is if they were leavened. Unleavened bread was a common food. Today the list of ingredients, even on a “healthy, no high fructose sugar, whole grain” loaf of bread reads like a laboratory manual.

In the 1990s, a movement to eat nourishing bread led to popularity of the bread machine. Bread machine bread was even a category in the baked goods department of our local county fair some 18 years ago. Those machines were/are the quickest, least laborious way to get a good loaf of bread that includes pronounceable real food ingredients. Stone ground flours, whole grains, nuts, vegetables, juices.

We surmise that if the bread is made of natural, wholesome ingredients, one would not feel the desire to overindulge. On the other hand, one friend reasoned that if we knew the bread was good, why not eat more?

That question brings us to an interesting new book at the local library. Melanie Muhl and Diana Von Kopp wrote "How We Eat with Our Eyes & Think with Our Stomach." The authors look at over 40 intriguing questions directed at what people eat and why/how they come to those choices.

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