Birds of a Feather Float Together

| 1/21/2016 9:51:00 AM

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Connie MooreJanuary brings birds of all kinds and sizes to our house. Outside, that is. Inside the only birds dealt with are devoid of all feathers and ready to cook. Chicken, turkey, Cornish hens, a duck (only once) and a wish for a goose (a long time ago).

chicken head with beady eye

Normal bird fare is chicken. Versatile, relatively inexpensive and tasty, they can be enjoyed whole roasted, bone-in and boneless fried, baked on dressing, dressed in creamy sauces and otherwise cold with mustard on toasted bread.

Not until recently did we come to the knowledge we could float chicken and dine on canary.

There are two schools of thought regarding floating chickens. One is soup. Chicken and various vegetables float in broth. Noodles are sometimes included. Chicken soup works wonders for colds, they say.

Another way to float the unfeathered friend is in a cream sauce. In Pennsylvania Dutch cooking, meats which are cooked and portioned out, laid on toast, and usually swathed in sauce are said to be floats. There are chicken floats, goose and turkey floats, ham and oyster floats and if the toast doesn’t run out, rabbit, pig and black bird floats. (In my father’s day they set dried beef to sail on a toast raft but it wasn’t called a float!)

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