Beetroot and Raspberry Chocolate Cake

| 9/16/2014 9:23:00 AM

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Malorie DavisAfter a summer filled with bright, fruity, and light treats, I had a hankering for something more. The nights are getting cooler, and I’m almost ready for the warm comfort foods of fall and winter. Late summer harvest means some heartier fruits and vegetables are finding a temporary home in my kitchen. The last few weeks, I’ve been up to my ears (I’m not alone here) in zucchini. Now, raspberries and beets are making an appearance. 


chocolate cake
A slice of cake to celebrate the end of summer. 

Depending on your location, you might have to wait on those beets a bit longer. Either way, I know the question “what should I do with these beets?” will be asked in quite a few households across the world. You might preserve pickled beets, prepare a beet hash for eggs or steaks, or maybe try a new trendy beet salad. I’ll bet my bottom dollar that most of you won’t think, “beet chocolate cake.” The idea stems from the classic red velvet cake, as the traditional method was to use beet juice for the red coloring. As it turns out, the flesh of the beetroot proves that it should be a star in the cake as well. Making the cake moist, interesting and rich. I almost wish I never made a chocolate cake without it.

Raspberries lend a fresh and brightening hand, raising the bar for chocolate cakes everywhere. I also use avocado to replace the fat in the frosting. If you’re not lucky enough to be near avocado growing weather (I am in sunny Southern California) then, you can use any frosting or glaze you fancy.

I use coconut and almond flours in this cake, to please the many Americans going grain-free, and to make it available to those sensitive to gluten. It’s also free of refined sugars and gets its sweetness from raw honey and pure maple syrup. Some might think of that as extreme, I like to think of it as making extremely good use of my late summer harvest. After all, beetroot and raspberries are really the stars of the show here.

9/17/2014 9:20:42 AM

Malorie, welcome to the GRIT blogging world. You will find a discussion about almost anything and many interesting recipes like yours sprinkled through out the blogs. Hmmmm, beetroot raspberry chocolate cake? I would have never thought to put that combination together. I'm not much for eating cake but now a pie that's a different story. Apple pie is my favorite. In fact during my retirement years my motto is "I work for apple pie". ***** I'm looking forward to many more interesting posts. ***** Have a great Beetroot/Raspberry/Chocolate cake day.

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