Beef Jerky Weather

| 2/5/2014 10:50:00 AM

Winter seems to be hanging on and hanging on this year. It seems like at least once a week we are snowed in. A little bit of that can be good; cupboards are cleaned, closets are organized and the house seems to be in order.

Times like this I like to spend time in the kitchen. You know, simmering a home-made soup, baking bread, a new batch of applesauce from those few apples that are left—or, one of our favorites, making beef jerky. I know a lot of people use dehydrators to make jerky, but I still like to do it the old-fashioned way in the oven. The savory aroma lingers in the house all day long.

It has been a tradition in our family to always make a batch for hunting season. It’s easy for the guys to tuck some in their pockets as they head to the woods, and hopefully, it will bring them luck in bringing back fresh meat for more batches in the depth of winter. Venison makes the best jerky and is better for you, but if you don’t have access to any, beef does just fine.

As I cut up the meat I can almost picture Chester from Gunsmoke or Hop Sing from Bonanza starting a batch – well, maybe not Hop Sing! Besides, I am dating myself, so on to the recipe.

 Beef jerky

Beef Jerky

2/9/2014 7:55:59 AM

Lois, indeed you are dating yourself with Bonanza and Chester on Gunsmoke. Those were two of my favorite shows during my youth. I still see those shows in syndication on cable TV. I've never tried to make beef jerky but it does seem easy enough to make. I see where you get Hop Sing in the picture with Soy Sauce. But, yeah, I'm not too sure he would be making beef jerky either. ***** Have a great beef jerky making day.