Baked Peaches Recipe With Honey and Almonds

This Baked Peaches Recipe pairs succulent peaches with almonds and honey for a bit of crunch and balance.

| February 2014

Baked Peaches Recipe with Honey and Almonds

Try this Baked Peaches Recipe to keep the dentist at bay. Peaches are rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene as well as potassium, fluoride, and iron.

Photo by Stacy Harris

Recipes & Tips for Sustainable Living with Stacy Harris (Living Ready, 2013) is an immensely illustrated look at what sustainable living looks like. Harris discusses everything from how her family began its sustainable lifestyle and where they are today. She offers a number of recipes for poultry and wild game, along with excellent tips and techniques for growing and preserving all you can harvest. The following Baked Peaches Recipe balances the succulent fruit with almonds and honey.

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Peaches are the epitome of summer in the south. About twenty miles north of our home is the peach capital of Alabama. There are several local peach farms that sell these juicy ripe peaches to peach markets located right by US I-65 in between Montgomery and Birmingham. Travelers must stop by and try their fabulously perfected peach ice cream. I love to devour peaches right off the tree from our yard, but as a special easy treat for the family, I love to make this recipe. The crunch and flavor of the almonds play perfectly with this decadent fruit!

Peaches are rich in vitamin A, beta-carotene as well as potassium, fluoride, and iron. Peaches actually prevent tooth decay.

Baked Peaches Recipe with Honey and Almonds

Serves 8

4 tablespoons butter
4 peaches halved, cored, and skinned
8 tablespoons skinned almonds
8 tablespoons honey

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