Recipe Collector

| 2/19/2009 2:05:15 PM

Jean TellerTwo shelves of my kitchen bookcase are crammed with cookbooks; more recipes reside on part of a third shelf, although those are mainly folded photocopies thrown on top of each other.

I’m a self-confessed recipe collector, even though my cooking skills are rather rudimentary, and I’m often reluctant to take the time to cook. But I just keep adding recipes to the collection.

A close-up of a few of my cookbooks.

Under my computer table reside two boxes, filled almost to the brim (I have to leave room for future additions, don’t I!) with photocopies, labels, cardboard squares from a variety of boxes, clippings from magazines, recipe cards – every type of medium for recipes that one can imagine. Also under the table are three sacks with three-ring binders, a three-hole punch, sleeve pages to go in the binders, even colorized category pages. All intended for my major project of organizing my recipes.

Yes, you read that right. I intend to organize all those slips of paper piling up on my book shelves and in those boxes under my computer table. Who knows, I might even finish the project before I retire!

Boxes filled with disorganized recipes.