Raw Milk Symposium

Madison, Wisconsin – Wisconsin was carefully selected as the site of the Second Annual Raw Milk Symposium – April 10 at the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center in Madison – because of recent action taken against Wisconsin raw dairy producers and their customers. Wisconsin, as the second largest dairy state in the union, and the state with the greatest number of small dairies, is a crucial state for the raw milk movement.

The event will begin with the personal stories of Wisconsin producers Wayne and Kay Craig and raw milk consumer activist Emily Matthews. Sally Fallon Morell and Dr. Ted Beals will delve into the science of raw milk nutrients, microflora and benefits. Participants will then see the role of raw milk from an international perspective with speakers from Germany and Slovenia. 

German biodynamic academic researcher Dr. Ton Baars will describe his research exploring unique raw milk healing properties, and Syliva Onusic, Ph.D., will illustrate what leadership in other countries are embracing on behalf of their citizens’ health. The lawyer defending Wisconsin farmers, Elizabeth Rich, will discuss the legal distinction between the public good and the private right.

Michael Schmidt, in a rare public appearance, will introduce the “Joining in the Battle for Food Rights” panel discussion, moderated by a champion of raw milk rights, blogger David Gumpert.

Other featured speakers include Pete Kennedy, a raw milk legal authority; entrepreneur Mark McAfee; and Tom Wightman, a pioneer in legal cow shares.

Participants will include raw milk producers and their consumers, grass-based farmers looking for alternatives, constitutional scholars and lawyers, and a variety of people looking for information on raw milk.

Visit the website for more information, or call 703-208-3276.

  • Published on Mar 16, 2010
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