Popcorn Is The Perfect Food

| 3/18/2014 11:43:00 AM

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Country MoonWhen it comes to popcorn I am a fanatic. I eat it sometimes for breakfast, for supper, when I’m upset, when I’m happy – I eat it just because. It is my comfort food.

Each year when we plant our garden we try something a little bit different. Last year our venture was pumpkins and they overtook us. This year we’d like to be in control, so popcorn it is.

As usual, before I dig into a project, I did a little research. This is what I learned:

– Homegrown popcorn will grow in any climate that sweet corn will. It tastes better, is fresher and has no chemicals like its counterparts in the supermarket. The disadvantage to homegrown is that you’ll probably never go back to store-bought!

– So, what makes popcorn “pop”? It all boils down to how much starch is stored in the center of the kernel. All varieties of corn such as sweet corn, field corn, etc. will pop to some degree but only regular popcorn kernels have enough starch to actually pop. Each kernel contains a small amount of water stored near the soft starch in the middle of the kernel. When the kernel is heated the water expands, pressing against the hard outer shell, or hull as it is called. When the center explodes the soft starch becomes inflated and bursts, turning the kernel inside out. Voila-popcorn!

– There is no such thing as “hulless” popcorn since all must have hulls to pop. Some varieties have less noticeable ones and the smaller the un-popped kernel, the less noticeable are the hulls.

3/23/2014 7:00:05 AM

Lois, I'm with you. Popcorn goes good with any time. Even my nine year old grandson would agree with that. He usually has a bowl of popcorn and a big dill pickle for an after school snack before starting on the home work. I have thought about planting some popcorn but the little guy really likes sweet corn as well. I might be able to raise two separate patches of corn in Terra Nova Gardens. ***** One of my penpals has sent me some giant pumpkin seeds to try. These are the monster pumpkins that could grow to be several hundred pounds. I'm going to give the big guys a try this year. The down side is they will take up a huge amount of space but hey it would be the talk of the neighborhood if I could get one to grow and keep the critters from eating it. ***** Have a great popcorn is perfect food day.

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