Planning for Canning

| 10/16/2012 1:32:00 PM

Some of my fondest growing up memories of late summer and early fall are of preserving food. Whether it was making jam, drying fruit or canning, I remember standing next to my mom, her on one side of the sink and I on the other, washing, peeling, pitting and slicing.  I started out as the berry smasher. Then I worked up to slicer. Then I did all of the fruit preparation while she boiled jars, prepared syrups and handled hot jars. 

Canning is hard work. In the heat of the summer it can turn into downright drudgery. My problem is that my eyes get too big for my canner. And my freezer. And my jars. And my shelves. Last year I bought six boxes of peaches. Really. There are three of us. We cannot eat six boxes of peaches in one winter. Not even if we eat them every day. I know. We still have twenty quarts left.

This year I had a plan. I took inventory of my freezer, my empty jars and my shelves of canned fruit. Then I made a list: quantities, type of fruit and what I was going to do with it. It looked like this:

2 flats blueberries – freeze 

2 flats strawberries – 1 batch jam, freeze rest 

2-3 flats raspberries – 2 batches jam, freeze rest 

Heather Jackson
1/1/2013 12:06:19 AM

All that fruit sounds fabulous! I thought I had figs coming out my ears, but they were nothing like your fruit capers!