Mesquite Flour Pancakes – A Southwest Treat!

| 1/3/2013 9:31:30 AM

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For hundreds of years, Native Americans in the Southwest Desert have been eating the beans of the mesquite tree. Last summer, we decided to give them a try with some of our own mesquite beans milled into flour. We harvested fifteen gallons of beans from mesquite trees that abound on our land, dried them, and milled them into flour. We spent about two hours picking ripe beans from the trees around the shop and the orchard perimeter. Then we dried them about six weeks on a screen spread on sawhorses in the shop.

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Friends of ours, Dan and Roxanna, have recently purchased a hammer mill for processing mesquite beans. They offer a brief but excellent training on picking and drying mesquite beans.

It takes a hammer mill to efficiently mill mesquite beans because they are seriously hard. Dan and Roxanna offer custom milling for people like us who pay them a comparatively small fee for turning our mesquite beans into tasty and healthy flour.  They also process beans harvested and sold to them by neighbors. The flour is available for sale at local farmers markets.  

        Cleaning Mesquite Beans  

After we picked and dried our beans, we brought them to the local community harvest festival where Dan and Roxanna had set up their hammer mill. We gathered around the sorting screen and culled stems and other foreign matter that would spoil the flour.

Dave Larson
1/5/2013 12:19:51 PM

Hi Nebraska Dave, Great to hear from you. As a matter of fact, I'll be starting a batch of yeasty mesquite pancakes in about an hour to feed a couple of rock climbing BnB guests that are staying here to do some climbing in the Stronghold. Thanks for the good wishes on the book. Later we're going down to the playa to watch the sandhill cranes that winter over from the frozen Northland. Have a great (and warm) Nebraska winter day.

1/5/2013 4:45:44 AM

Dave, seriously? Mesquite beans. I thought the only thing a mesquite tree was good for was to make barbecue taste better. It's news to me that you can take mesquite flour and make yeastie pancakes. I have make yeast pancakes and they do have a nice flavor. Welcome back to the blogger community and good luck on your book. So you did get your Bed and Breakfast started? Have a great mesquite yeast raised pancake day.

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