When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Potatoes

| 2/8/2011 8:21:01 AM

A-photo-of-Chuck-MalloryI am forever trying to make dishes that combine one fruit and one vegetable. Ideally these dishes would serve as dinner side dishes and not be sweet. It’s not an easy task other than the usual path, such as sweet potatoes with whatever fruit (which is too sweet), or a salad tossed with mandarin oranges. Of course, I did present Fried Apples ‘n’ Onions and that was a big challenge. I can’t tell you how many bananas I’ve wasted on these fruit/vegetable marriage attempts only to arrive at one obvious conclusion: anything made with bananas tastes only like bananas!

Other conclusions I’ve drawn:

God really meant citrus fruit to be eaten raw, no exceptions.

Unripe fruit still tastes like unripe fruit when you cook it.

Vegetables have been taunting me with fruity names like “cherry tomatoes,” “grape tomatoes” and “banana peppers.”


Chuck Mallory
2/26/2011 9:45:35 AM

Interestingly, I just saw Claire Robinson on the Food Network make broccoli "with oranges." It's the way many of those recipes are developed--it has a tad of juice, a little zest, and cream, garlic etc. etc. That's kind of cheating. But, of course, I'm still going to try it. My next blog is going to be a little more standard, too.

Nebraska Dave
2/8/2011 6:48:23 PM

@Chuck, lemon potatoes? You really do like to experiment in the kitchen don't you? I almost think that lemon and potatoes might work. I really don't experiment to your extent with food. You are much more of a connoisseur of food than I am. Have a great lemony Potato day.