Pomona Universal Pectin Is Unique for Low-Sugar Jam Recipes

Whether it’s for sweet cherry jam or apple cider jelly, your recipes for canning jam and jelly call for pectin. Here’s a new one to try that’s great for low-sugar jam recipes.

| March 2012

Pomona’s Universal Pectin is a unique pectin in the marketplace because it jells well with low amounts of any sweetener. It is different from other pectin because its jelling power is activated by calcium (included with the Pomona’s), not by sugar content. It also is different because it contains no sugar or preservatives — it is 100-percent citrus pectin — and because it allows jam makers to double or triple batches as well as to make small batches.

Jam makers love it because it gives them complete control and allows for lots of creativity. Finally, one box makes two to four batches. All of this makes Pomona perfect for low-sugar jam recipes. Canners will likely fall in love with Pomona’s Universal Pectin once they are introduced to it, understand its powers, and taste healthy, homemade jam undiluted by large amounts of added sugar.

Low-Sugar Jam Recipe: Sweet Cherry Jam 
Low-Sugar Jam Recipe: Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam 
Low-Sugar Jelly Recipe: Apple Cider

More recipes can be found on the recipe/direction sheet that comes with the pectin, as well as on Pomona’s website.

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