Meet Larry Cleverley

Larry Cleverley is a farmer in Mingo, Iowa with a passion for locally-grown, flavorful food.

| May 2015

New Prairie Kitchen (Agate Surrey, 2015), by Summer Miller, pays homage to the outstanding chefs, farmers and artisans of Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota. Some of their favorite recipes, organized by season and focused on regionally sourced meat, poultry, game and produce, appear throughout, along with profiles of these exceptional people. The following profile is from “Fall.”

You can purchase this book from the GRIT store: New Prairie Kitchen.

Larry Cleverley

Farmer • Cleverley Farms • Mingo, IA

East of Highway 330 North in Mingo stands a big, white barn with peeling paint and crucifix windows. The hills and valleys surrounding it are plentiful with black walnut trees, fields of arugula, wildfire lettuce, retato degli ortolani melons, and the sagging branches of Matt’s Wild Cherry tomato plants.

On this crisp, early fall morning, Larry Cleverley crouches to inspect frost-nipped pattypan squash. His flowing white hair shifts in the wind to reveal a bright-orange Slow Food button pinned to the breast of his faded jean jacket.

“No one knows what food is supposed to taste like,” Larry says. “If they did know, they wouldn’t eat the crap they eat.”

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