Why You Should Cook With Cast Iron

| 5/19/2016 10:36:00 AM

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Candi Johns





If you own, inherited, or happen to come across some cast iron cook ware — you may want to move it to your stovetop ASAP.

5/22/2016 9:49:39 AM

Candi, cast iron cookware rocks. I too started way back in 1979 by purchasing some cast iron cookware that I still have and use. It seems that through the years as folks became addicted to the non stick cookware, they were willing to just give away their grandma's cast iron stuff. I acquired so much of it that I had to stop asking for it. As you have stated, it is virtually indestructible and even can be brought back to productive use when mistreated. I'm not sure I have the good stuff but it's good enough for me. Not they have the enamel coated cast iron that's way out of my price range. What are you thoughts on that improvement? ***** Have a great cast iron cooking day.

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