Pie Are Squared

| 6/17/2016 1:10:00 PM

Connie Mooreshaped pie pastry round and square

Pillsbury sent me an email about a slab pie. It looked delicious and mouthwatering. An Oreo Slab Pie is what they called it. I always thought they were called square pies.

Don’t be fooled though. If you Google square pies you’ll get a bunch of jargon about numbers and roots and dimensions and everything but pie. I mean real pie. The last straw was when a website posed the question as to whether pi was made up of rational or irrational numbers. Turns out, google has an automatic spell check and assumed I meant pi r squared when I was looking for a square pie.

Square or slab pies are not new. One website proposed that Martha Stewart invented them but I doubt she’s that old. Pioneers of a hundred years ago were known to bake pies in the square as a way to serve large crowds.

There are two basic points one must remember when shaping a square pie. It will take more crust. It will take more filling. Both are okay by me. I love pie. Apparently lots of people do. Britain has a Pie Week (1st week of March), Americans have two Pie Days (Dec.1 & Jan.23) and a whole Pie Month (February). My question is, why not have it be the National Food and serve it 24/7?

When people are asked about their favorite pie, most answer apple. However one survey found that over 22% of those polled actually liked “other than”. That was other than apple, strawberry-rhubarb, pumpkin, cherry, blueberry, lemon meringue or chocolate. That tells you there’s a whole lot of pies that hold a treasure of ingredients other than the norm.