Life Without Refrigeration

| 10/16/2014 2:56:00 PM

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Mosquito Mountain Montana HomesteadOur refrigerator died! Well, maybe it isn't completely dead and we can fix it but at the moment it isn't working.

Being without refrigeration isn't a new experience with us. When we first began our homestead adventure we had no electricity and no refrigeration. But once you get used to having a refrigerator it's a bit of a shock to have it quit on you!

Upon discovery that it wasn't working, the first quip my wife made was that "it was time to practice what we preach." In our desire for self-sufficiency we vowed that we'd never become dependent upon anything we couldn't find locally or produce ourselves.

Even the decision to purchase a refrigerator was carefully thought out just to be sure we were not setting ourselves up to be dependent upon it. But once we had one we definitely began to take it for granted and now we were back to square one!

So, what do you do on an "almost" self-sufficient homestead when the refrigerator quits?

First, you do a quick check for a quick fix. We had electricity and the fridge was plugged in, the compressor was running and some cooling was happening but it was barely below the outside temperature. There would be no quick fix this time!

10/23/2014 9:23:48 PM

Hi Robyn: Thanks for the comments. We've gone to doing more dehydrating and less canning. Dehydrated foods take less space to store and won't freeze during our long winters. Plus we can store them in jars without needing new lids. Keep us posted on your new life in the camper. We head south every winter to spend a few months in our motor home. We use solar and wind power with it. Steve

10/21/2014 12:21:08 PM

Steven, great post! I did a lot of canning and salting when my big freezer quit. Now, living in a 14 ft. Trailer, with a tiny fridge I really have to look at alternative means of preservation.

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