Country Kitchens Require Kitchen Tools

The best kitchen gadgets for the country kitchen include a food dehydrator, a meat grinder, a grain mill, a stand mixer and a pressure canner.

| January/February 2015

Kitchen tools

Recently, I asked the homesteaders who read my blog, “What is the next tool you plan to purchase?” Almost half listed kitchen tools. No doubt about it, because homesteaders produce large quantities of food, kitchen tools are just as important to them as farming implements.

Most cooks have an ample supply of gadgets to perform various tasks. Items like knives, thermometers and wooden spoons find themselves in kitchens on and off the homestead. But homesteading homemakers need a set of tools unlike many others. These tools are needed to process the large quantities of food that homesteading brings to the kitchen.

However, homemakers new to homesteading often don’t know where to begin. Grandma’s pressure canner blew up, and a new meat grinder costs $400. How do you know the equipment you want is safe to use and necessary enough to warrant the financial investment?

Let’s take a look at six highly desired kitchen tools on the homestead.

The pressure canner

In order to kill botulism spores when canning low-acid foods, the contents of the jars must reach 240 degrees Fahrenheit. Since boiling water only reaches 212 degrees, no matter how long you boil it, a pressure canner is essential to safely preserve foods like green beans, meat or potatoes. Many homemakers are afraid of them, though, because of the horror stories they’ve heard from their elders.

“There is a big trend moving back toward canning,” says Chaya Foedus, owner of Pantry Paratus, a self-sufficiency store that supports consumers in the art of food preservation. “I think Internet technology is helping folks rediscover and learn that canning can be done safely.”

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