How To Find Homegrown Food in the Winter

Reader Contribution by Robyn Dolan

Except for a welcome, mid-winter break in sunny Southern California, where I am spoiled with the convenience of buying raw milk from a nearby Sprouts Market, we have spent our first few months as a mobile homestead in the icy tundra of Colorado. The sun is finally paying more attention to us, so we are getting outside more often, again. Now if only the wind would settle down…

Since it was already December 1 when we parked here at the grandparents’, we did not have much luck in locating sources for raw milk, local produce or farm fresh eggs. We brought a lot of our own home-raised beef, llama and mutton with us in the freezer. I have been able to make healthy roasts, hamburgers, bone broths and other delicious meals in the RV with the help of my handy slow cooker and a nice, “big” four-burner stove. Still have not tried the oven.

I sure miss my homemade bread and cookies – but – I finally found a natural foods store in the next big town. They are a bit pricey, but for just the odd item and for fresh, organic produce, it’s better than driving all the way to Colorado Springs or Santa Fe – over 100 miles each way – to go to Costco or Sprouts! I think I will need to make my big supply run every two or three months, now, instead of monthly. 


week we finally found a homesteader selling fresh eggs. Even the cage-free variety from the store doesn’t measure up to the taste and texture of eggs right out of the nest box. The yolks and whites are firmer and don’t run all over the pan. They also have a deeper, richer flavor. I really miss my raw milk. I have already discovered that Sprouts in Colorado does not sell raw milk. Maybe I should get a pygmy goat … nah. There is a brand that seems to be minimally processed, but after drinking it, I can tell it lacks the enzymes that facilitate the digestive process. I guess I will be relying on lentils, broccoli and bone broth for my calcium and minerals until I can find someone milking cows or goats, with extra raw milk to sell.

Meanwhile, here’s hoping that spring will bring out the farm stands for local, raw milk and fresh produce. I know we’re already enjoying the daily high temps being in the 50s instead of the 30s.

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  • Published on Mar 31, 2014
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