Homemade Chicken Stock

| 11/30/2015 11:15:00 AM

Caitlin Ethridgestock

I love cooking for my family.  It’s one of my favorite ways to unwind.

I get such a feeling of accomplishment when I place a meal on the table with ingredients fresh from my garden, and meat from a bird that we raised in our backyard from the time it was a cute little nugget (sorry, couldn't resist!).


There is something so gratifying about creating a meal completely from beginning to end, and when you put so much time and love into growing fresh ingredients, you want to be sure that every part is utilized.

Earlier in the week I shared my recipe for whole roasted chicken & vegetables with you all. This was our second year raising meat chickens, and I love to cook a whole bird, then make more meals from it. We ate on the roasted chicken for a couple of days, then I picked the rest of the meat off the bone & used it to make a delicious creamy chicken & potato soup (recipe coming soon!).