Grinding Flour With the Komo Fidibus 21 Grain Mill

| 7/31/2015 8:18:00 AM

Tags: Bread Making, Grinding Grains, Real Food, Kellsey Trimble,

Kellsey TrimbleI like all things bread. None of that Wonderbread or anything, though. I like thick, hearty rustic loaves, herby flatbreads, warm tortillas, you name it. What I enjoy even more is making these foods. For one, I like to snack on the dough (is that strange?), and two, it just tastes better. Naturally, I was all too excited when I got my KoMo Fidibus 21 electric grain mill.

The electric grain mill fresh out of the box with wheat and spelt waiting. Photos courtesy Bradley Trimble.

If you and your family enjoy making bread, this is the kind of thing it’s worth it to spend some dough on. It was so easy to use and the upkeep is not difficult. Don’t be dissuaded by thinking it takes a lot of extra time to grind your flour. When you’re ready to make a batch of bread, or just need some flour for cooking, it’s as simple as pulling the mill out of the cupboard and grinding a few cups of flour, or however much you’ll need, then bake away!

When I got the Fidibus 21 in the mail, I had to take it to my father’s house for the first go-around. He and his wife are equally as passionate as I am when it comes to good bread and they also make their own. We were all eager to see how it would work. We all took turns reading the directions expecting there to be hoops to jump through, but to our surprise, all the preparation it required was just running 2 cups of grain through it to clean out any debris or oils. Then we were off!


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