Cooking With Yogurt

| 5/13/2014 11:13:00 AM

Taylor Mardis KatzMaking yogurt at home is extremely easy (for instructions, click here), which means you may find yourself with a lot of yogurt around the house. We all know how delicious yogurt is with a dollop of jam and a sprinkling of fresh fruit or granola, but yogurt can also serve as a flavor-enhancing ingredient in your favorite savory dishes. Read on to discover some tantalizing ways to integrate yogurt into meals other than breakfast!

Homesteader’s Pastured Egg Salad

Traditionally, egg salad is made with mayonnaise. I’m not against mayonnaise (especially when it’s homemade), but substituting yogurt for mayo makes your egg salad healthier (now it has probiotics!) while adding a new depth of flavor.

For this recipe, I recommend using Greek-style or “strained” yogurt. You can make your own strained yogurt by placing your yogurt in a cheesecloth-lined colander over a bowl and waiting until the liquid drips out. That liquid is whey: a priceless ingredient that can be used for everything from making beet kvass to fermented strawberry soda (more on that in a coming blog post!).

straining yogurt
Straining yogurt at home