Cheesemaking: The Basics

Learn the fundamentals of cheesemaking and try out these simple, tested recipes.

| August 2013

A Cheesemakers Journey

“A Cheesemaker’s Journey” is a practical guide to cheesemaking at home.

Cover Courtesy Hoegger Supply, Inc.

Whether you are just beginning or want to improve your technique, A Cheesemaker’s Journey (Hoegger Supply, Inc., 2013) will help you master cheesemaking at home. Author Mary Jane Toth provides more than 50 beautifully illustrated, easy cheese recipes with that will ensure success. Learn the basics of cheesemaking in this excerpt taken from the introduction.

You can purchase this book from the GRIT store: A Cheesemaker’s Journey.

A Cheesemaker’s Journey Cheese Recipes:

Ricotta Cheese
Garlic Cheese Recipe With Chives
How to Make Colby Cheese
How to Make Parmesan Cheese

Cheesemaking reminds me of high school science projects — just tastier and without the written report. You begin with one product, milk, and depending on what you add and the steps you take, you end up with a specific cheese. It is pretty amazing!

Each cheese recipe in this book calls for different cultures, mold spore powders, or enzymes. Each of these have specific bacterium which affect the flavor. Once these ingredients are added, the milk is taken through a series of steps; it is heated, the curds are cooked (or not cooked in some cases), and then held for varying lengths of time. Some are pressed; some are not. Each variation in ingredients and process impacts the final result.

Ultimately, you will gain the ability to predict how changes in the ingredients and process will impact the flavor and texture of your cheese. However, this skill can require years to develop, which is why it is crucial to start your cheesemaking journey with the best and most dependable recipes and instructions available.

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