Baking A Pretty Pie

| 6/16/2016 1:17:00 PM

Country MoonJust like any self-respecting farm girl, I have made many pies. Some have been runny, some have not. Some have been overly sweet, some have been tart. I dare say that none have been pretty, as a matter of fact, a couple only looked good when smothered in ice cream.

I knew that Patsy Orns made pies for a lot of functions that I attended. They not only tasted good, they also looked good. So, when I heard that she was giving pie making classes, I only had one choice — “Sign me up!”

Was I ever in for an eye opener. Pie making is definitely an art in itself. “That’s why I started to give classes,” she says. “So many people have asked me if I would teach them how to make a pie that I decided that maybe there just was a market for them.”

She really started getting serious about the pie business when she and Frank, her husband of 24 years, first got together. His favorite was peach pie and that was a common request of his. “It’s not so special to me anymore,” he concedes, “because now I know I can have it whenever I want!”

Another event that prompted her was when they ordered from restaurants, which was a rarity for them. Egg custard is an easy pie to make, yet when they split a piece from a prominent Indiana restaurant there was hardly any filling in it.

“I really enjoy a good red raspberry pie too,” Patsy confesses. “One year we went to Traverse City and we tried one of theirs and it turned out to be mostly gel with hardly any fruit. Not that I am being picky, but a berry pie should be mostly fruit.”