A Tale of Two Cheeses: Part 1

| 3/19/2015 2:52:00 PM

The Philosophical HomesteaderCheese-making doesn’t really lend itself well to multi-tasking, but since I’m a modern American woman, I invariably try anyway, sometimes despite my best efforts.

I’m trying to become more conscious of this tendency, and with that awareness comes a true piece of perennial wisdom, expressed efficaciously in a Zen proverb: “A life lived in haste is lacking in value.”

Indeed! Even in Texas the pace isn’t slow anymore, and somehow the expectation is we should be proud of this. 

Cheese-making is teaching me a lot about life, and I’ll try to sum it up with two not-yet-proverbs: You can make it extremely complicated if you want, but it’s still pretty darn good when you keep it super simple. And the other: Mistakes can be magically delicious!

So, following are the two cheeses that brought me to these grandiose conclusions, and I’ve named them: The Faux Coulommiers and The Stinky Old Corse.

The Faux Coulommiers Mold