7 Ways to Stock the Larder Shelves this Year

| 12/29/2015 9:34:00 AM

Gardening JonesHints for stocking up.

Over the years my husband and I have been employed, temporarily unemployed, underemployed and self-employed. We have learned the hard way to really stretch a dollar.

But even living paycheck to paycheck and especially then, we found ways to stock up the shelves and always have food on hand. Enough in fact that both of my daughters have said that if ever anything catastrophic happens, like a Zombie Apocalypse, they are moving back in with us.

Growing as much of your own food and learning how to preserve it is essential. Just the fact that you are reading this you are already doing that, or getting ready to.
Good for you!

What else can you do to fill those shelves up when money is tight and food costs are soaring?

Here are some ideas: