In a Dinner Rut?

Culinary instructor and chef suggests a few Southern specialties to help you try a new food style to break you out of that routine and treat your taste buds to something new.

| January 29, 2010

Falls Church, Virginia – Let’s face it, we all get into food ruts, where we have been eating the same dishes over and over and are itching to try something new. The best way to break the hold of that rut and give your taste buds a treat is to try some new food styles. If you haven’t before, or if it has been a while, step back in time and have a southern food night.

“There are many traditional southern food favorites,” says Rahman “Chef Rock” Harper, celebrity chef and adjunct culinary instructor at Stratford University. “Not only can they be easy and fun to make, but they will give your family something new to experience. And you may even find a couple of new favorite dishes to add to your household menu.”

Southern food – traditional dishes typically found south of the Mason-Dixon Line – are rich in history, flavor and culture. There are different varieties, each having their own distinct style and taste, including Cajun, Creole, Soul Food and Low Country cuisine. Many of those popular options incorporate deep-pit barbecuing, grits, black-eyed peas, hot sauce, crawfish, okra, cornbread, pecan pie, bread pudding, catfish and boiled peanuts. And, where beverages are concerned, sweet tea takes the prize in the South. The sugary beverage has a long-standing reputation for refreshing and quenching.

The next time you want to expand your culinary horizons and sample something new, keep these southern food specialties in mind and give them a try:



8 cups water
4 tea bags
1 cup sugar
8 cups cold water
In teapot, boil 8 cups water. Add tea bags and remove from heat. Let steep for 5 minutes, or to taste. Strain tea into gallon-size pitcher and add sugar. Add remaining cold water to pitcher and stir. Refrigerate until ready to serve.


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