How to Make Southwestern Pork Sausage

| 1/16/2013 9:46:34 PM

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I always have a good time making sausage. It is one of my favorite things to do during pig butchering season. I think the best part of making my own homemade sausage is that I can create different flavors of sausage by combining spices and herbs. I add salt to my pork sausages, but if you are on a low salt diet you can simply reduce the amount of salt you use or leave it out altogether. Making my own sausage gives me the ability to control the ingredients that go into my sausage.

This season I made 9 pounds of Southwestern Pork Sausage. I fry this pork sausage into small sausage balls and add pinto beans and vegetables to make a wonderful sausage and bean soup in the winter.

Southwestern Pork Sausage 

9 pounds of combined pork meat and pork fat (I do a 75% meat and 25% fat blend. You can control your own ratio but, sausage has to be mixed with sufficient amount of fat to cook properly.)

3 tablespoons of kosher salt

3 tablespoons of freshly ground black pepper

Chuck Mallory
1/21/2013 12:34:52 PM

I was ready for some strange pix then remembered this was about making sausage AFTER butchering! Making sausage and even having animals is a ways off for me yet but someday soon... I wonder if like other homemade things, homemade sausage tastes a lot better than the store bought? I go to farmer's markets but have not seen sausage, just fresh meat and jerky. I would assume home-grown is much better, but sausage is just so good anyway! I find the commercial kinds taste too salty and the low-sodium version is hard to find.

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