How to Make Butter

| 12/7/2012 8:07:36 AM

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 Homemade-Butter    Making butter is an incredibly simple task and the reward is unmatched. I'm convinced that absolutely nothing tastes better than homemade butter. Fresh sweet cream butter needs to be consumed quicker than grocery store butter, but who can complain about that? All you need is heavy cream, a hand mixer, and a little salt if you want salted butter. Here's how to make it:

1 cup heavy cream
Bowl of ice water

Pour cream into a bowl and whip on highest speed you can without cream splattering. Cream will turn to whipped cream with stiff peaks and then get more solid. Soon the cream will turn yellow and become a solid, leaving behind some liquid or "buttermilk." Once butter is yellow and has separated from the buttermilk, pour off the buttermilk into a sealed container. You will want to keep this. Wrap the fresh butter in cheesecloth (it will be soft) and submerge in bowl of ice water to rinse off any remaining buttermilk. Remove from cheesecloth, wrap and refrigerate for later use or spread a healthy serving on a warm slice of bread.    Yields: 1 large stick of butter   Note: Keep fresh butter wrapped up as good as you can to make it last longer. Stored in the fridge, fresh butter will keep a week or maybe a week and a half. You can tell by the smell if it's gone spoiled. For every cup of fresh buttermilk you have, add 1 tablespoon of vinegar to sour it for use in buttermilk pancakes, waffles and biscuits.

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dana roberts
12/17/2012 2:57:50 AM

I am Buying my First Dairy Goat!! I was wondering if someone can tell me how(I know this is dumb)to take milk, from the goat stage, and turn it into butter?

mary jo foster
12/12/2012 9:08:13 PM

I use my blender to separate the butter! Much faster and easier.

mary carton
12/12/2012 4:00:35 AM

Mom's been making butter and buttermilk lately like we used to do when we had the dairy. Fresh whole milk, let stand at RT a day or two depending on temperature. Then she puts it in a table top churn that holds 2 gallons.

nebraska dave
12/8/2012 8:06:55 PM

Natalie, you are so high tech. Of course it goes with your young age. When we made butter on the farm during my youth years. We just put the cream in a glass gallon jar and started shaking. In about 10 minutes we had butter. Yeah, lasting a week. Right? Not hardly. Back then I didn't have much use for butter milk but knowing my Mom, I probably ate it in something and didn't know about it. Hmmmm, come to think of it she did make really good pancakes. I hope you are having a great weekend. Have a great making butter day.

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