Homesteading Last Year (HLY) # 1: Fishing in the Channel

| 10/3/2012 4:39:00 PM

Hi Friends,

I was looking through some photos I took in 2011 and realized that we did a lot of homesteading even before we moved to Oshkosh. I documented many things we did, from canning to harvesting free apples to fishing, which I never wrote about in here.

Welcome to my series entitled "Homesteading Last Year." HLY for short, it's incredibly creative, don't you think? (sarcasm)

I'll have about ten in the series to pick up when things in the here and now aren't so very interesting or we're on another spurt of canning tomatoes and you are asking for Pete's sake, Becky, please don't blog about more tomatoes.

Fair enough! I'll begin the first blog today seeing as our household has been a bit under the weather and any sort of homesteading has been pretty nondescript.

HLY # 1: Fishin' in the Channel