Homemade Bread Recipe for Beginners and Seasoned Bakers Alike

| 6/14/2010 11:04:11 AM

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JudyWe always have homemade bread at our house. 

Mostly, I make whole wheat bread and use a bit of a variation of the recipe that came with my Bosch mixer.

Sometimes, only white bread will do, especially when making grilled cheese sandwiches with fresh tomato soup!

Bread Fresh From the Oven

Here's the recipe for my favorite white bread.


Tony Taylor
2/2/2012 5:21:47 AM

wheat Montana's Prairie Gold is now sold at my local Wal-Mart. They offer the flour and the Wheat berries. It is just slightly more expensive than the regular wheat flour.

Nebraska Dave
6/15/2010 10:28:59 PM

Judy, there’s nothing like good hot bread baking in the oven to make my mouth water, except maybe for some good ole’ homemade jam to go on the bread. There were always special pans used only for bread making when Mom made her bread. The bowl to mix it in, the bread raising pan, and the actual bread pans were all a part of the procedure used. Your recipe and instructions brought back some special memories. I myself made bread for a time but haven’t attempted it for decades. I always have good intentions to bake bread again but I remember that it took about three hours for the whole process and haven’t convinced myself that I should return to the baking of bread yet. It was a great adventure and fun to see the family members devour it fresh from the oven with butter oozing down into the crevasses of the bread. It wasn’t even cool enough to cut so they just kind of tore it apart and gobbled it up. Those days are long gone. Thank you for the bread recipe and the simple instructions to bake the staple of life.

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