Getting the Most from Wild Game Meats

Knowing what to do with wild game once it's been bagged and tagged can be difficult. Turning it into jerky may be the solution.

| April 2016

Jerky Everything (Countryman Press, 2015) by Pamela Braun is an easy to understand book filled with thorough instructions on how to make your own homemade jerky. Recipes range from beef to poultry, fish to fruit and even several vegetables. Wild game is no exception. With an exhaustive list of instructions on how to properly prepare meats as well as a myriad of recipes to try; Braun details how anyone can make the perfect jerky in the comfort of their own kitchen.

You can purchase this book from the GRIT store: Jerky Everything.

Game meats are fun to make into jerky. Not that the process is any different, just that the flavors are unique. People who hunt deer usually know all about making jerky, because that’s how a lot of it ends up getting eaten. A deer has a lot of lean meat and not everyone is a fan. So what’s a hunter to do if he/she doesn’t want that meat to go to waste?

The same marinades, dry rubs, and pastes that you use on beef would all work great on game meats. But remember, because the meat itself tastes different, the end product is going to taste different.

A few tips to make your game meat jerky-making life easier:

• Make sure your wild game meat is coming from a reliable source. If an inexperienced hunter field dresses an animal and doesn’t do it properly, you could be exposed to some pretty nasty stuff.

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